Archive for Umbra Origins Mysterious monsters and even more mysterious powers... which will win?

Important Stuff
These here are the rules to follow and if you don't you shall incur the wrath of admins and the MoD. Beware!
Updates, Notices, Announcements, etc.
Here you'll find important things that are going on. Pay attention to here~
Character Profiles
School Staff
Here you will find the profiles of the staff for the academy.
Here you will find the profiles for the students of the academy.
Misc. Characters
For any characters that may not fit the above two types.
Main Story
This is where updates to the main sort of storyline will be held, and are important to be part of if you want to keep up on what's going on.
Outside of Master Instructor Korin's office is a bulletin board, on which assignments are posted for all to read. These are assignments for which money may be earned, or just things that need a Marked to do, such as getting rid of a monster. Only those who are Grade 2 and above may accept assignments from this board, and all that do must have Mr. Korin's permission. First come, first served. (These assignments are not essential to the main storyline.)
Umbra Academy
The School
The school itself.
The Dorms
Where everyone's personal rooms are.
Female Dorm
The dorms for female students. No males allowed over night.
Male Dorm
The dorm for the male students. No females allowed over night.
Staff Dorm
Dorm for the staff, co-ed.
Posts for the cafeteria go here.
Where all posts for classrooms can be posted.
Any posts for the courtyard go here.
Where posts for the office can go.
Nurse's Office
This is where those who have been injured can come to get healed and where they go for exams and updates on powers.
Outside Umbra Academy
Umbra City
Once Umbra Academy was created and built near the Hecate Strait, a city began to be built up around, creating a fair sized civilization that thrives thanks to the Academy. There are many reasons why people come here, including feeling safer due to the Academy. The students are also allowed to go here once they have gone past Grade 1 during their free time.
OOC Zone
OOC chat
Please keep ALL OOC stuff to here please. No OOC talking where there's supposed to be posting :)
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